Lets Get Real


So lets get real and to the point. I’m a recovering drug addict,  alcoholic and bulimic. I’m also a married 43 year old woman who has two sons, volunteers, works full-time and wakes up clean and sober everyday. Before clean and sober happened (as well as release from other addictions), I was in a place that I did not know could exist. A darkness that I was incapable of dreaming up for myself. From the age of five I recoiled at the world and when I found my new best friends (alcohol, drugs, bulimia) I had a way out, a way to escape. I’m going to share myself, all parts (of which many are not pretty)  because by doing so maybe together we can recover from our demons. For me there is only one way to recover, and that is NOW.

“Recovery is not where we arrive, but rather a state of being”…….JeanIrvin


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