• balloons                         “Recovery is not where we arrive, but rather a state of being”…….JeanIrvin

    For many years, even after the demons settled, my mind was still wired to be negative. I remember times I’d actually make a list of everything that sucked. Yes, I’d make a list of “have-nots” – I didn’t know that being positive was even possible. Part of me also felt like I didn’t deserve to be happy. I was damaged, my inner voice would say “it’s too late for that.”  I often fought the feeling of happiness.

  • It has taken many years of being clean and practicing a new way of thinking to finally celebrate. I’ve learned to pat myself on the back and find joy in my accomplishments. My self-talk has improved and I no longer tell myself how unworthy I am. These practices have made a profound difference in my ability to cope in spite of the realities of life.

    Learn to celebrate! Write down all your haves” and forget your “have nots.” No matter how big or small, celebrate all the moments that are a result of your journey in recovery.


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